The Old Ways are Best
The Old Ways are Best
Something Iíve been thinking more and more as I get older, the old ways of custom crafted items are so much better in appearance, and far superior in quality to the mass produced junk that floods our markets today. I created the graphics in this product line to reflect that thought, Iím sure there are many out there that agree with me. In most cases the old ways of doing things are still the best ways to do it.

Donít get me wrong, I donít hate all things modern. I do have a cell phone, obviously I use computers and other internet devices, or else how would I do this blog, my web site, social media, and all my other E-commerce stuff that I do? What I am talking about here is the modern ways of mass producing goods and services rather than taking the time to and care to hand craft something unique and special. I also have issue with the huge push toward modern medicine rather than the old ways of using natural healing and prevention, but thatís probably best left for another blog post.

The Old Ways Metal Lunch Box As a Fantasy Artist, Photographer, and Graphics Designer, I have teamed up with Zazzle to offer my works on a variety of products; I have even created a collection of products around a graphic I designed based on the subject of this blog. I understand that the various items that my works may be printed on are mass produced, and that is fine. Mass production is acceptable for most mundane everyday items such as electronics, phone cases, travel mugs, and such. What I donít like to see in mass production are things like furniture, home dťcor (in some cases) and clothing.

During my lifetime Iíve had the opportunities to learn from a master woodworker, two master cobblers, and a master tailor, all of whom drove into my head an attention for details and a focus on quality over quantity. This could be why Iím a bit jaded today when it comes to mass produced items; mass productions seems to focus on quantity more than quality. Also it bothers me to see consumers buying more mass produced items than custom crafted products.

Well, it looks like I got off on a bit of a tangent there. I donít want you to think that mass production is the only aspect I had in mind when I conceptualized this blog post, as I do have another post in mind delving deeper into my thoughts on that subject.

My thoughts on the old ways of doing things versus modern ways apply to most if not all categories of life. The old ways of cooking for example, I still prefer to cook on the stove or in the oven rather than a microwave, and I often use cast iron skillets when cooking, hell I even still use a stove top coffee maker, (the best coffee Iíve ever had). Shopping is another example, while I do buy many of my common everyday items (household items, bathroom supplies, etc,) online from Wal-Mart for many other things I would rather go shop at the locally owned stores in town, or at antique shows, or craft shows and bazaars.

Tying in with cooking, I touched on natural healing and prevention as opposed to modern medicine earlier in this post; eating hole, natural, unprocessed foods as much as possible. Iím not gonna go too deep into this here, because as I said before that is a subject for another post. Also, Iím not trying to promote one diet choice over another, I donít care if youíre vegan, carnivore, or something in-between, modern versus traditional methods of food choice and peroration can still apply,

Remember, the title of this post says that sometimes the old ways are still the best ways! I will admit that there have been some advances that make things better or easier in our lives. Some advances in medicine, surgical advances have certainly made surgery better than it was in times past. However it may still be better to live a healthier lifestyle and avoid the need for surgery all together. Just remember to not dismiss older ways of doing things just because there are newer and more modern ways. Decide for your self which way is best for you, maybe you van make your life a bit more like mine, a mix of old and new. Just putting these thoughts out here to give you something to think about.