When you are passionate about something, or really enjoy doing something, to the point where it is what you talk about and think about most of your time, it is said to be in your blood. Hence the name of this blog, Fruits of the Vein; a place for me to write about what’s in my blood. From politics, to art, music, fashion, photography, animation, movies, you name it I have an opinion on it, and they may all be talked about here.

A few years ago I had the idea to start a blog, adding that to my list of assorted talents and skills showcased here on this site. After a few posts I realized that I am more of an audio/video person and the blogs were becoming nothing more that scripts for my videos, so the blog combined with my video productions. These pages contain both video commentaries and where possible (not all videos were scripted) the text script as well.

The videos contained here are touching on all sorts of topics and events. While they are mostly my opinion on various topics, they may not fit in the true nature of a vlog, but I leave that for you to decide. This section of the David G Duke web site is also intended to be a portfolio of my video making skills.
Video Matrix:
10 Years of Videos
2018 Special Production
The Old Ways are Better
Who's Getting Rich From You?
Left Holding the Bag?
A Near Death Experience
Halloween Propaganda
No More Black Friday!
November Morning Rants
Will Christmas Suck in 2020?
We are on to the Hypocrisy
Morning Rants 12-7-2020
Happy Holidays 2020
Quarantined New Year's Eve
Climate Wake Up Call
Up to 60% OFF for Quality Jewelry

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