Eye of the Storm    
Debut album by pianist and composer David G. Duke, based on the idea that there is beautiful music all around us, from the sounds of nature, man made sounds of city streets and people doing their jobs, to musical instrumentation of all types. I am always amazed at the near endless variety of instruments the people of this world have created and continue to create to express the music they feel in their hearts and souls. What I endeavor to do with my music is create soundscapes that blend the music and sounds of our world. I am always exploring and looking for instruments I have not yet used; when I find them I will look for a way to use them. You never know what you may hear in my music.
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Summer Nights Enjoying those hot summer nights with family and friends.

Eye of the Storm Some friends and I were jamming one night when a thunderstorm hit the city, I noticed that the drummer’s bass drum crashes and the rhythm he was playing on the high hats was keeping time with the thunder, some time after that this track was born.

Sassy Girl – sometime in the late 1990s, while chatting online with my friend sassybaby I had tune in my head, that tune became this track, loosely named for the lady I was chatting with when I first composed it.

Mother Nature – A walk in the wood, listening to the sounds of nature.

Country Sunset – Camping out and telling ghost stories at sunset in the country.

Duality – Reminding us of the dualities of life, yin & yang, male & female, etc.

Driving Rain (Funky Mix) – driving in a rain storm listening to the tempo of the windshield wipers.

After Midnight – when a tune pops into your head late at night, what else would you title it? Celebrating the peaceful solitude of the late night hours.

Illusions of Reality – Is it real, or an illusion? Track inspired by watching Criss Angel’s Mind Freak.

Enchantress – Celebrating those dark enchanting Goddesses that rule the nocturnal hours.

Erotic Romance – Erotica meets romance, sometimes the lines blur.

At the Beach – First composed as the audio track to a slide show of photos taken at Green Lakes park in Fayetteville NY, the park includes a beach, and I tried to incorporate that feel into this piece of music.

The Land of Oz – Living in the town of Chittenango New York, birth place of L. Frank Baum, author of the Wizard of Oz.

Cassie – A model named Cassie asked me to sequence some of her portfolio pictures into a video slide show, this was the background music in the finished video.