There is beautiful music all around us, from the sounds of nature, man made sounds of city streets and people doing their jobs, to musical instrumentation of all types. I am always amazed at the near endless variety of instruments the people of this world have created and continue to create to express the music they feel in their hearts and souls. What I endeavor to do with my music is create soundscapes that blend the music and sounds of our world. I am always exploring and looking for instruments I have not yet used; when I find them I will look for a way to use them. You never know what you may hear in my music.
I am a classically trained pianist with lessons starting somewhere around 1976 and around 1981 or 1982 I taught myself to play lead guitar. The media payer to the right contains the music I have composed to date. All songs are hosted on my primary music site By visiting this site you can learn more about each track, purchase MP3s of your favorite tracks or full MP3 albums that correspond to the hard copy CDs listed below (in some cases the MP3 albums contain a few more tracks). You may also find information on commercial usage of my tracks, and learn more about my history in the world of music.
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Dreams and Dreamers
Memory Lane 2
Night Creature
Mother Earth
All Hallows Eve
David G. Duke
Sabbets and Circles
Winter Fest
Memory Lane
Genesis of a Dream
Eye of the Storm