David G Duke    
After listening to a copy of my Genesis of a dream CD my friend Ray commented that he liked the music (this was the first time he had heard any of my recordings) but it was not what he expected. As he knew I was a pianist, he was expecting something with a greater focus on my piano playing and less orchestral. This CD is a response to that comment.

This self titled CD is a solo piano recording although some tracks are recorded as a harpsichord solo. Many of the tracks on this CD were already released in orchestral form on past CDs and others were ones that I was working on for future releases. In either case all tracks on this CD are solo keyboard arrangements, with the full orchestral versions appearing on other albums either past or future.
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Wolves in the Night – Listening to the wolves howl in the night, even through a passing rain.

Garden Party – Composed after spending many a Friday and Saturday afternoon and into the night at the weekly gatherings once hosted by my friends John and Jackie.

Funky Friz-Niz - This is what happens when me and a friend get board, play with a microphone, and the recording inspires a track.

Eternal Friendship – Some friendships are so strong they last for eternity, even beyond death and rebirth.

Open Circle - The circle is open yet unbroken, come join the party.

Halloween Night – Celebrating the Witch’s new year with a macabre sounding solo harpsichord track

Worlds of Illusion – The lines of reality blur, is it real? Did you really see what you thought you saw? Track inspired by the Mind Freak, Criss Angel.

Ostara Sunrise – The spring equinox, say goodbye to darkness, here comes the dreaded light.

The Mother Goddess - The mother of all creation the Mother Goddess, Mother Nature, celebrated in this fast paced track, a great one to dance sky clad to at your next gathering.

Animal Instincts – Celebrating the four legged members of our family.

The Land of Oz – Living in the town of Chittenango New York, birth place of L. Frank Baum, author of the Wizard of Oz.

Flamenco Dancer – A track inspired by Spanish Flamenco guitar riffs, I wondered what would happen if those melodies were played on a harpsichord.