Supernova is a spacey instrumental journey through the mind of composer David G. Duke. Tracks on this album stem from a variety of influences; from surfing to Spanish flamenco music to erotic pleasures. The album is rounded out with a gothic inspired duet for piano and harpsichord and a slow balled like track dedicated to young talents taken to soon by tragedy.
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Funky Friz-Niz (Instrumental remix) - This is what happens when me and a friend get board, play with a microphone, and the recording inspires a track.

Supernova – Fun cosmic track named for a young lady I chatted with many times on IMVU, no I don’t go there anymore so don’t bother looking for me.

Concerto for Piano and Strings – First composed to accompany a slideshow of my grandmother’s art and poetry, Piano and strings dominate in this slightly mellow piece.

Flamenco Dancer – A track inspired by Spanish Flamenco guitar riffs, I wondered what would happen if those melodies were played by an orchestra.

Making Out – Does this need explanation? It’s just what the name implies.

Slow Funken’ – My most popular track, mixing all kinds of sounds including Asian strings, and assorted percussion.

Surf’s Up – Grab your board and hang ten! Originally composed as background music for a surfing themed screensaver.

Night and Day – From night to day and back again the never ending cycle of time.

Erotica – Yeah, just what the name implies.

Duet for Piano and harpsichord – Goth sounding track loosely inspired by an Italian Hair Metal song.

Improvisation 1 – Live improvisation

Precision Timing – Watching the US Navy Drill Team inspired this track.

Planes of Existence – There are many planes of existence, this one touches many of them.

Drum Circle – The drummers gather around the bonfire at the pagan gathering, but this time a pianist and an orchestra join in. hay, stranger things have happened.

Fallen Stars – Remembering those stars whose light was extinguished too soon.

Romantica – a slow romantic track mixing piano and sax, this one often plays too fast when placed onto a CD.