Memory Lane    
Memory lane is the soundtrack to a DVD of the same name. The DVD is a collection of family photos, art works, and poetry that I compiled, categorized, and rendered into video slideshows. Each track on this CD is the background audio for those videos. The videos were then compiled into one longer video and rendered to DVD.

This is the first CD I did using spoken word tracks, many of the tracks include readings of poetry by my great-grandfather AV Morley, and my Grandmother Evelyn Model.

Although I will be redoing all videos and DVDs in the Memory Lane project, this CD and the Memory Lane 2 CD will remain on the market for my fans to enjoy.
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Memory Lane – steel drums and piano mix with a poem titled “Remember” by my great Grandfather AV Morley to give this track a summer time feel.

Driving Rain (original mix) – First mix of the Driving Rain track found in a funky version on the Eye of the Storm CD.

Candlemass Carol – Original “draft” mix of a track inspired by the February holiday of Imbolc, a remixed version of this track can be found on a later CD titled “Sabbets and Circles”

Free Styling – An adlibbed solo piano piece.

Poetica – I wanted to include family poetry in the memory Lane DVD, this track contains many that can be read in the moonlight and Magic publication.

School Daze – Remembering the days of classrooms and school bells.

All Hallows Eve – The October holiday celebrated in music and photos, this piece became the title track for a later CD.

Winter Snows – This is the original piano version of this piece, there is a harpsichord version on my holiday album Winter Fest.

Christmas Past – Remembering those past celebrations of the December Holidays.

Animal Instincts – Celebrating the four legged members of our family.

Breaking News – What’s in the news? Maybe this track should be.

Reflection – remembering times gone by.

Open Circle – The circle is open yet unbroken, come join the party.

Nature’s Bounty – Celebrating the great outdoors and the bounty of mother earth.

The Camping Trip – Incorporating nature sounds to bring back the feel of a camping trip.

Artistica – Celebrating artistic talent.

The great Adventure – A trip to Six Flags great Adventures theme park inspires this up-tempo track.