Memory Lane 2    
Memory Lane 2 is a collection of new music, previously unreleased tracks, and some of my older tracks that string together to form the soundtrack to the Memory Lane 2 DVD. The DVD is another collection of family photos that I scanned and sequenced, while the hardcopy DVD is for private use only, the audio tracks are offered here for all to enjoy.
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In A lifetime – remembering all the great memories of one’s lifetime.

Voice Chat Groove – a fun track based on a voice chat with my mother and my nephew Tommy

The Wild Rose – Another poem by Evelyn Model that was set to music

December Winds (Instrumental) – The December wind blow in the Holiday season in this track as lively as those winds!

The First Harvest – Remix of the track feast of Lughnasadh from the Sabbets and Circles CD, celebrating the bounty of mother earth.

Repetitions – simple little track, to accompany a short video clip

Evening at the Park – Night sounds at the duck pond

Mother Nature – A walk in the wood, listening to the sounds of nature.

Bitter-sweet – Some memories are bitter-sweet, holding both joy and pain, which is the heart of this track

Duet for Piano and harpsichord – Goth sounding track loosely inspired by an Italian Hair Metal song.

Oddities – Don’t we all have a few odd balls in our lives?

Remembrance – poem by AV Morley set to music.

In Private – Poem by Henry Morley that was set to music

Surprises – Another AV Morley poem

Springtime Reflections – Anticipation of the coming spring. This track expounds a bit on the piano riffs I play in the Genesis of a Dream track.

Children at Heart – Don’t we all become children again when the holiday season rolls around, this piece of music talks a little about that.

Snow Days – Remembering those days of playing in the snow because school was canceled.