This page contains a listing of all David G Duke/DGD Media online stores, where you may purchase David G Duke/DGD Media products and services. Please note that many of these shops are a work in progress, and new products are being added all the time. Additionally we are in the process of reorganizing our shops and stores, therefore products you may expect to find at one particular shop might still be at another. Also, we have not listed the private store on that we use for our graphic design clients, that store is only for those clients to privately order their designs in printed formats, when contacting us about graphics design services we will be happy to explain more about how this “store” functions. Thank you, and happy shopping!

DGD Media Gallery:
The main store for DGD Media graphics and digital art works. Works can be purchased on an assortment of products including but not limited too; T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, posters, phone cases, and more. New products and art works are always being added to this collection.

David G Fashions:
The official home of David G ties, T-shirts, and some specialty design home furnishings. Eventually all my T-shirt designs with the exception of music fan shirts and BTMB Magazine shirts will be moved to this site. Here you will also find my new seasonal tie collection “Abstraction”

Abstraction: a fashion accessories collection from Oneida NY based Designer David G Duke and David G Fashions, started in fall of 2014, which creates prints through photo manipulation. Each season I will be bringing you 13 new abstractions, from my old photos, most of which are ones that I over exposed, under exposed, or just wasn’t happy with as a photograph. The photos are manipulated to create an abstract like print that can be used on a variety of surfaces. The original abstraction collection originally consisted only of men’s ties; however this abstraction store was opened after I received requests for the prints on other items. The designs in this collection are for the individual that wants to stand out from the crowd, owning these designs will grab people’s attention, and not let it go.

Reality Infusion:
Reality Infusion, a combination of digital animation, text, and photography, combining to make a unique form of fantasy art. Many pieces include the “House of Dave” anime characters that I have created over the years. Art Works available on Posters, prints, bags, and more. (This store is a work in progress)

Music Fan Gear:
Similar to the BTMB store, this site offers fan gear for the fans of David G Duke’s music. Some fan gear is offered on the DGD Media store, but eventually that will all be moved to this store. T-shirts, posters, mugs, and more.

Music MP3 Store:
As the name implies, an online source for David G Duke music in MP3 format, either as MP3 albums or single tracks. For hard copy CDs of my music please use the links on the music page of or search David G Duke on

DGD Enterprises:
This store combines many of the DGD Media products, including my audio CDs, Books, links to MP3 download, and some graphics and art prints sold on T-shirts, posters and more. This is the official store for the Abstraction collection of swimwear, as well as many other swimsuit designs and home furnishing designs coming soon from David G Duke, DGD Media , and David G Fashions.

Trash to Treasure:
This store started as an outlet for my handmade fashion accessories and home furnishings, the name comes from the fact that many of the items are crafted from recycled materials, or fabric remnants. Over time this store grew to include antiques, collectables, and even some DGD Media produced digital media such as screen savers. Many items here are one-of-a-kind or limited edition.

In addition to the above listed stores, my graphics design portfolio on Deviant Art includes BTMB Magazine covers for sale as prints or digital download; as well as many desktop wallpapers for sale.