Included in the DGD Publishing list of products and services is my photo Restoration service. Below are a few examples of what I can do with dammaged photos.
Rips and tares removed.
An artistic restoration of a 16 year old (at time of restoration) photo of my father holding his first bourn grandson (my nephew Gregory) for the first time, this artistic rendition was from a copy of a snap shot that was sent to me by my father a few years before he passed away in 2002.
Color enhancment and clean up.
If you have old photos that are cracked, creased, torn or discolored, I may be able to help you. If you have access to a scanner simply scan your photo(s) and email them to me at, and I will get back to you with an estimate befor I do any work. Please note that all restoration work is done on scanned coppies of the photos and no harm or changes are made to the origional.