Winter Fest    
Winter Fest is a remix of my previously released Holliday album Seasons Greetings; this album contains more original compositions and less covers. In creating this album, I endeavored to mix traditional holiday themes with my own pagan views of the December Holidays. It is my sincere hope that everyone my find something of joy in this album, regardless of what holiday you may celebrate this time of year. This holiday season let us celebrate and embrace the diversities and commonalities that make this world a great place to live.

And as we pause to celebrate our own individual holidays, let us not forget those brave men and women that fought for and continue to fight for our freedoms! Take a few moments this holiday season to recognize, appreciate and thank the brave men and women of our armed forces, and may we all ask our respective Gods that they be home and safe as soon as possible.

Gods Bless! And have a safe joyous holiday season filled with magick, miracles, and blessings!
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Winter N War – The first recording and original orchestration of a poem written by my great Grandfather AV Morley in the 1940s about severe winter weather. The poem was written as a letter to his son PFC John Morley serving in WW2.

Winter Fest – Celebration the winter season. Enjoy the long nights and short days.

Christmas Past – Remembering those Christmas celebrations from days gone by, yes this is the same track that appears on the Memory Lane CD.

Solstice Night - The eve of the winter solstice, the longest night of the year.

Dreamscape – The holiday season brings out the dreamer in all of us, this one has a bit of a cosmic Sci-fi feel to it.

Children at Heart – Don’t we all become children again when the holiday season rolls around, this piece of music talks a little about that.

Seasons Greetings – My musical Holiday card to all my fans, friends and family; Gods bless, enjoy.

Solstice Morning - The magick of the first winter’s sunrise.

Winter Praises – Another poem by AV Morley from the severe winter of circa 1944, this one praises delivery personnel for making the extra effort to get through the extreme snow and cold and making their rounds.

Santa‘s Coming to Town – A jazzy fun improve on the holiday classic Santa Clause is coming to Town.

Winter Snows (Harpsichord Re-mix) – The original version of winter snows, from the Memory Lane CD used a grand piano as its primary instrument, this slight remix substitutes a harpsichord. The original mix also included the poetry from winter and war, this one is instrumental.

Astral Drift – Drifting through the astral plane, dreaming of all the great things about the holiday season.

Solstice Bells – Ring out the solstice bells, proclaiming the arrival of the winter season.

New Years Eve – Ringing in the New Year with family and friends is the inspiration behind this fun little number.

December Winds (Instrumental) – The December wind blow in the Holiday season in this track as lively as those winds!

The 12 Days of Christmas – The holiday classic Dave style.

Winter N War (Orchestral Mix) – Instrumental orchestral arrangement of Winter and War.