Sabbets and Circles    
Sabbets and Circles is an instrumental journey through the eight Wiccan holidays or Sabbets, the cycles of nature, and time. Each song on this CD reflects the heart and meaning of one of the Sabbets. This CD is a remake of my earlier release, Wheel of the Year, and also includes the two versions of “Spiral Dance” as well as the track “Open Circle”, and is rounded out with the spoken word track, “Blinded” a tribute to the Goddess Lilith.

All songs written and arranged by David G. Duke and mixed by DGD Media using Acid Pro soft wear by Sonic Foundry.

Goddess Bless, enjoy the music!
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Winds of Mabon – Ushering in the Autumn Equinox, beginning of the blessed period of darkness.

Spiral Dance – Spiral dancing around a bonfire at midnight under a full moon, what could be better?

Samhain Symphony – Ringing in the Witch’s New Year, Halloween to most people, and a magically enchanting time of the year.

Spiral Dance (Drum circle remix) – A remix of track number two that might just be a drummer’s dream track.

Solstice Night – Yule, the winter solstice, the longest night of the year deserves a celebration.

Blinded – Spoken word track reading the only poem I ever wrote, paying tribute to the midnight queen Lilith.

Candlemass Carol – Early February celebration looking forward to the coming spring, sabbat also known as Imbolc.

Open Circle - The circle is open yet unbroken, come join the party.

Ostara Sunrise – The spring equinox, say goodbye to darkness, here comes the dreaded light.

Beltane Fires – May Day, The Goddess and God’s wedding anniversary, come join the festivities.

Litha Nocturne – The summer solstice, the longest day of the year, soon the beautiful darkness shall return.

Feast of Lughnasadh – celebrating the first harvest, the bounty of mother earth.