Night Creature    
As I was working on composing this album, there where a lot of things happening in this world, the fight for freedom in Iran, celebrity deaths that included David Carradine, Farrah, and Michael Jackson, and many others. In some ways those events affected this album and what I wanted to do. The opening track, "Still Here with You" was composed very quickly the night MJ and Farrah passed away, and is intended to be a reminder that although loved ones have left this world, they are still with us in love and in spirit.

Many have heard the solo piano lament titled "Beautiful Muse", the bonus track on the "Genesis of a Dream" album, well here on this album; you can finally hear the full length orchestrated version of that piece. Many of the other tracks on this album reflect my life as an artist, fashion designer, and follower of the Wiccan religion, as-well-as my lifestyle as a phototoxic creature of the night.
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Still Here with You Quickly composed track reminding us that departed loved ones are still with us in spirit and in love.

Fashionista A track that celebrates all the trend setters, not the trend sweaters, if I ever make it on project runway, this will be the music my fashion week collection is shown to.

A Night on the Reservation spending the night at a campfire on a Native American reservation.

Positive Energies - This piece came to me after watching a few weeks of actress Lorielle New's nightly show on (no longer airing) she often says her show is all about spreading the positive on the net, because there's too much negative out there today. What a great thought, love ya Lorielle.

Continental Drift Not so much about the theory of continental drift, this track evokes the feel of traveling around the world visiting all the continents.

Throughout the Year A year in the life, condensed down to about four minutes.

Night Creature celebrating all that dwell in the moonlit hours.

Mysteries of the Night exploring that magical, dark, and mysterious time we call the night.

Beautiful Muse The track I referred to above.

Natures Pulse The heartbeat of the earth, the pulse of nature, the power of life.

Cherry Blossom Composed as a soundtrack to a video explaining a small fashion collection I did around 2007.