All Hallows Eve    
All Hallows Eve is a collection of music inspired by Halloween, Samhain, ghost stories, and things that go bump in the night. I used a lot of harpsichord on this album to enhance the gothic feel of the tracks, and ad to the spooky Halloween feel. This album can be the perfect soundtrack to any Halloween/Samhain celebration. The end of October has always been one of my favorite times of the year.
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The Haunting – Track inspired by listening to what a local paranormal investigator called the scariest EVP ever recorded. I thought the EVP was laughable, but it did lead me to compose this song.

Samhain Symphony (2008 Remix) – A more orchestral remix of the Samhain Symphony track first released on the Sabbets and Circles CD.

Halloween Night – Trick or Treat, its Halloween night, who’s bringing the brew?

Worlds of Illusion (Samhain Mix) – I remixed the Worlds of Illusion track to make it a bit more Halloween creepy.

Through Moonlit Eyes – Everything is more beautiful when seen through the moonlight.

Nocturnal Reflections – Taking some time on the Witch’s New Year to contemplate the beauty of the night.

All Hallows Eve – The October holiday celebrated in music and photos, this piece became the title track for a later CD.

Wolves in the Night – Children of the night, such wonderful music they make, and very inspiring to us nocturnal musicians.

Ancestral Visitations – The souls of the dearly departed are always with us, one just needs to know what to look for.

Night of the Dead – Samhain, the night when are departed ancestors are paying us a visit.

The Burning Times – Remembering those that were murdered in the name of power corruption and depict, in other words, Christianity.

Astral Plane – wandering the astral plane on Samhain.

Starlight Dance – dancing under the stars to ring in the new and say farewell to the old.