As I prepared to present my CDs for sale in hardcopy format I redesigned much of the cover art, and remixed many of the tracks. As I looked back over the finished works, I found that I had not only remixed old tracks, but also slipped some new titles onto older existing albums; and so the “Freshies” album was born. Freshies is a compilation of those new tracks that were previously released on some of the older existing CD titles. This CD also includes the bonus track, “Positive Energies”, a sneak preview of my next album Night Creature
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Summer Nights Enjoying those hot summer nights with family and friends.

Mother Nature – A walk in the wood, listening to the sounds of nature.

After Midnight – when a tune pops into your head late at night, what else would you title it? Celebrating the peaceful solitude of the late night hours.

Duality – Reminding us of the dualities of life, yin & yang, male & female, etc.

Springtime Reflections – Anticipation of the coming spring. This track expounds a bit on the piano riffs I play in the Genesis of a Dream track.

Funky Friz-Niz (Instrumental remix) - This is what happens when me and a friend get board, play with a microphone, and the recording inspires a track.

Night and Day – From night to day and back again the never ending cycle of time.

Concerto for Piano and Strings – First composed to accompany a slideshow of my grandmother’s art and poetry, Piano and strings dominate in this slightly mellow piece.

Through Moonlit Eyes – Everything is more beautiful when seen through the moonlight.

Night of the Dead – Samhain, the night when are departed ancestors are paying us a visit.

Astral Plane – wandering the astral plane on Samhain.

Dreamscape – The holiday season brings out the dreamer in all of us, this one has a bit of a cosmic Sci-fi feel to it.

Children at Heart – Don’t we all become children again when the holiday season rolls around, this piece of music talks a little about that.