Mother Earth    
My ninth CD Mother Earth was the start of the more orchestral sound of my music, and mixes nature sounds, human voice and other interesting sounds with New Age piano and orchestra.
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Thundering Seas An ocean thunderstorm inspired an orchestral arrangement.

Jungle Nights Night time in the deep jungles

Moonlight Meditating under a full moon

Swan Song The swans sing their songs as other water fowl join in with the orchestra.

Mother Earth Our home planet, always growing always changing but never ending.

Midnight Dance Dancing sky clad around a bonfire under a full moon on a summer night.

Strings and Storms The string section harmonizes with the thunder storm as the rest of the orchestra joins in,

The Mystica Dive right in and explore all the mysteries of the universe.

Voices Celebrating the human voice as a musical instrument.

Running with the Pack Sharing the planet with brother wolf.