Dreams and Dreamers    
After taking a break from composing new music I came back to the scene with this fun CD of orchestral arrangements titled Dreams and Dreamers. A wide mix of influences on this CD, hope you enjoy it.
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Living the Dream – That magical moment when you realize your dreams are now, or are becoming a reality

Blinded Halloween Remix – remixed version of the Blinded poem with Halloween sounds.

Fashionista (solo piano version) – Solo piano version of the track Fashionista that was intended to be on Memory Lane 2

The Interview – Track inspired by the first call in interview on my live shows, Mike Leier interviewed by Lucy Diamond

Night of Change – Celebrating the night my life changed for the better.

Modelinski – Inspired by my Grandfather Leon Model and his brother Edward, celebrating my Polish background.

The Energy Magician – My friend Lucy Diamond can be very animated when she is on camera, especially when she’s talking about a funny story or event.

Simple Pleasures – remembering the simple things in life

A Deer in the Headlights – hitting a deer on a rainy November night.

A Mind Enlightened – My buddy Mike Leier called my compositions music for the enlightened mind, and that enlightened me to this melody.