Morning Coffee    
Morning coffee is my first album of new music since my 2010 release “Dreams and Dreamers”. This CD took several years to compose in that many of the tracks were recorded over the 10 years from my last CD to this one, but never released on hard copy CD. However many of my fans may have heard some of the tracks on my soundclick site, many have been available as singles for several years now. As I return to the music scene I look forward to recording new music. as you will notice in this recording, I am experimenting with a greater variety of instrumentation, getting away from the usual orchestral sounds I have used before. I hope you enjoy this new CD and keep watching this site for information on upcoming music projects. Thank you for purchasing this CD.
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Songs of the Mermaids: This track was inspired by watching some underwater video footage, my intention was to mimic the sounds of that video, it is recorded as a trio of Piano, bass, and drums, and each one gets a solo.

Morning Coffee: In late spring of 2013, shortly after I moved to my new place in Oneida NY, and started meeting my new neighbors, I had the privilege to meet one of the most amazing and inspiring ladies I have ever known. While her stunning looks were what first caught my attention, her outgoing personality, bright disposition, great sense of humor, and overall beautiful spirit are what kept me interested. We spent several mornings enjoying each others company, the tranquility of a peaceful summer’s morning, great conversation, and coffee; growing our initial meeting into a beautiful friendship. This song was inspired by those mornings together, and dedicated to our future times.

Beautiful Dawn: Was this slow ballad composed about a beautiful sunrise, or a lady named Dawn? You decide.

Dance of the Demon: My rendition of the Edward Holst classic from 1888

Under the Stars: A summer’s night under the stars with family and friends.

Harvest Fest: Celebrate the first harvest and the bounty of Mother Earth.

A Choice Treasure: Inspired by the founder of a promotion company called Choice Treasures.

Peace and Tranquility: Enjoying those peaceful quiet moments.

Celebration: Composed during the 2015 holiday Season, loosely inspired by disco instrumentals.

Starlight Dance: Dancing under the stars to ring in the new and say farewell to the old. First recorded on my All Hallows Eve CD.

Second Chances: Track about when people get a second chance at life, an opportunity to start over and fix what went wrong.

Freaky Girl: The girl that inspired Morning Coffee also inspired this track, she called herself a freak and I started calling her “Freaky Girl” it’s also a play on the fact that we are both fans of the show Criminal Minds.

Chopin’s Waltz in A Flat: My rendition of a Frédéric François Chopin classic.

Spirit Reborn: Celebrations of the renewed spirit, when you regain your passions.

Untitled: The hidden bonus track on the Morning Coffee CD is listed as untitled on my Soundclick page, what you are listening to is Van Halen’s Eruption transcribed to a piano piece.