Reflections: The Best of David G Duke
The Reflections CD is a compilation of some of my most popular tracks so far, and includes 2 new tracks, Always Beside You, and Para-Normalcy. There will also be a DVD version of this compilation that will include the videos I have made for these songs.
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Winter N War – The first recording and original orchestration of a poem written by my great Grandfather AV Morley in the 1940s about severe winter weather. The poem was written as a letter to his son PFC John Morley serving in WW2.

Always Beside You – Quickly composed adlib track dedicated to a friend that was going through a rough time.

Blinded – Spoken word track reading the only poem I ever wrote, paying tribute to the midnight queen Lilith.

Night Creature – celebrating all that dwell in the moonlit hours.

The Burning Times – Remembering those that were murdered in the name of power corruption and depict, in other words, Christianity.

Midnight Dance – Dancing sky clad around a bonfire under a full moon on a summer night.

Fire Flies - unreleased track that includes a poem by my Grandmother Evelyn Model.

The great Adventure – A trip to Six Flags great Adventures theme park inspires this up-tempo track.

Para Normalcy – Stories of ghosts and investigations of haunted houses.

Samhain Symphony – Ringing in the Witch’s New Year, Halloween to most people, and a magically enchanting time of the year.

Reflection – remembering times gone by.

Slow Funken’ – My most popular track, mixing all kinds of sounds including Asian strings, and assorted percussion.

At the Beach – First composed as the audio track to a slide show of photos taken at Green Lakes park in Fayetteville NY, the park includes a beach, and I tried to incorporate that feel into this piece of music.