Bewitching Hour 2.0 is the reincarnation of my radio show The Bewitching Hour, bringing the same basic format of that show to a video based pod cast. The first six installments of this pod cast were released under the name Pillow Talk, and were a reedited family friendlier version of an adults only show that I started under the same name. The most notable change in the Bewitching Hour will be the music; you will notice that in the first few episodes, the only music used is my own. This is because while I had permission to use other indie and upcoming artists on my radio broadcast on Gemjin radio, I have not as yet been able to secure permission to use audio/video from other artists here. When I do feature music or musicians in the new Bewitching Hour it will be to spotlight one artist per episode, showcasing one or two tracks of theirs.

Episodes of the show are archived via the links below, enjoy the videos and I always invite feedback, comments, likes, and subscriptions from my viewers. The show is hosted on Daily Motion because they are a lot less restrictive as to what I can or canít say or do that You Tube has been getting lately.
Bewitching Hour Episodes
Piolet Episode Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 2018 Special
2020 Year Ender      
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