“Bosses That Meet Bosses,” is an innovative bi-monthly magazine that showcases the lives of successful leaders in the world, with a twist of entertainment. It’s a learning magazine for all cultures!

B.T.M.B. believes in shedding positive light on the well known as well as the “underdog.” We tell the story of the untold! Our readers always enjoy 1st time exposures to new artist, fashion designers and entrepreneurs; to catching up with their favorite actor, singer or community hero!

Since the magazine’s inception on May 1, 2013 to the January 2016 issue, all BTMB graphics, page layouts, and cover designs were handled by David G Duke of DGD Media. The slide show to the right shows the BTMB covers that I designed for the magazine. You may view all the cover designs full sized, as well as all other graphics I designed for BTMB magazine by visiting that section of my graphics portfolio located here.

Although the magazine is still in publication, I made the choice to step away from the magazine because of creative differences, obsessive micromanaging, and the fact that I was noticing the magazine going in a direction I was uncomfortable with.

As DGD Media returns to video production and pod casting, be watching our you tube page and davidgduke.com for a more detailed account as to why I am no longer with BTMB Magazine.