The original Bewitching Hour started as a weekly radio broadcast on Gemjin radio, and covered topics such as Paganism, the paranormal, crypto zoology, psychic intuitions, fitness, life, and spirituality. We also featured music from Indie and upcoming artists, as well as interviews with recording artists and other people in the above mentioned fields. Because of scheduling issues we were forced to end that broadcast of the Bewitching Hour in the fall of 2012.

In early 2014 DGD Media began the process of bringing back the Bewitching Hour broadcast as a monthly podcast on We are still working out some scheduling issues but plan to have regular podcasts of the Bewitching Hour 2.0 returning to the internet by late spring or early summer of 2015. It has been decided that the new Bewitching Hour will be in video format,

The sound click media player to the right will contain clips from the original Bewitching Hour as well as from the new Bewitching Hour 2.0, and examples of my voiceover works, and this will be the official site for DGD Media/David G Duke radio and voiceovers. The podomatic site listed above will contain the latest two to three installments, and we will be adding an archive site on our “Daily Motion” site as we produce more episodes.