Abstraction started as a fashion accessories collection from Oneida, NY based designer David G Duke and David G Fashions that creates prints through photo manipulation. Each season I will be bringing you 13 new abstractions, from my old photos, most of which are ones that I over exposed, under exposed, or just wasn’t happy with as a photograph. The abstract prints are then tiled over the surface of ties, (think of the tiles on a floor or kitchen wall) to create a unique fashion collection. The ties in this collection are for the man that wants to stand out from the crowd, wearing these ties will grab people’s attention, and not let it go.

Since its creation in fall of 2014 this collection has taken on a life of its own, and we are now offering two stores selling the abstraction prints on a plethora of items. The store to the left, David G Fashions contains the original men’s tie collections, while the Abstraction store to the right offers the prints on a variety of clothing options including T-shirts, mini skirts, and dresses. This store also offers choices in home furnishings and fashion accessories.

Visit our stores by clicking on either of the links on this page to view all that we have to offer. Prices and Shipping may be varied, see each store for specific information. For additional information on the Abstraction collections check out the Abstraction catalogues in the DGD Publishing section of this site.

The David G Fashion store, (left link) is in partnership with Zazzle inc who offer a wide selection of products that can be printed with abstraction prints or anything else. We are now offering Abstraction on Demand, a service that allows you to your favorite abstraction print on most any item you want, Use this Abstraction on Demand form to make those requests. Once we have created your item we will Email you a private link that you may use as many times as you wish to purchase the item (in any quantity) or reject the item.